Sunday, September 18, 2016

Feedback Focus

After reading about and experimenting with the three different techniques of staying focused while reading stories, I was surprised to find that I was already employing one! Each week, when I read through my chosen story, I take notes by hand after reading something that catches my attention.  After I've read through all of the stories, I go back and look at my notes, think about which I liked the best, and then go reread my favorite stories and take additional notes.  I take notes both on what elements of the story I liked, and techniques for writing the story that I may end up using.  Sometimes an idea comes to me quickly, other times I have to really ponder how to approach the story.  I find that physically writing down my notes helps me stay focused, instead of worrying about typos and copying/pasting/deleting.

I did find that reading the story aloud at a slow pace helped me stay focused.  I think this would be a good technique to incorporate when I read and take notes, either the first or second time I read a story. (I will have to try both!) I wish I had someone to read the story aloud to, but luckily my cats are pretty good listeners (usually).

I didn't find the timer technique of much use, but I may give it another try when I read my stories this week, especially since I've started my portfolio project, and thus have more of an idea what I'm looking for in each story.

An etching from my favorite story I read, "Why the Dog and Cat are Enemies" by R. Wilhelm. 

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