Monday, September 12, 2016

Story: Ra Turns to Social Media for Help

Author's Note: I did something very different this week.... a social media based story! This "story" is based off of the Ancient Egypt reading The Secret Name of Ra from Egyptian Myth and Legend from Donald Mackenzie, 1907.  In this story, the ancient Egyptian sun god, Ra, has many divine powers which stem from his secret name that he holds in his heart. Isis, a goddess who wants to harness Ra's name's power, uses Ra's saliva to create an invisible serpent that stings Ra. The sting confuses Ra, and causes him great pain, but he has no idea what caused it.  He calls upon his "children" to advise him on what it may be and what to do, but the only person to offer up a solution is Isis.  In return, Isis wants to know Ra's secret name; at first Ra is reluctant, and even laughs at the idea, but soon the pain overwhelms him, and he reveals his name to her.  Surprisingly, Isis follows through and cures Ra after being given his secret name, but now she has the divine power, which she passes on to her son.

Isis asking yahoo answers for some assistance before she executes her plot

Ra is also seeking some help for an unrelated problem; Isis cleverly using a fake account to answer.

Ra is the sun god of Ancient Egypt, hence the profile picture. Ya can't rely on yahoo answers for everything, Ra.
Now Ra is asking facebook when he should really be going to the doctor. Other commenters are his godly children.

Hope it was worth it, Ra.

Isis' profile picture: Wikipedia
Ra's Yahoo Answers picture: Mr. Sun by carlitos on OpenClipArt
Ra's Facebook profile picture: Wikipedia
Hathor's profile picture: Wikipedia
Bastet's profile picture: Wikipedia
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  1. Oh my gosh, Sara, I just love this style of storytelling: it really brings out details and dimensions of the story that just don't emerge in a traditional style. Fabulous!!! If it's okay with you, I'm going to put this in the Wednesday announcements when I do a sample style thing, and people can see how you used simitator. The idea of asking for medical help is such a weird and even dangerous aspect of how people use the Internet, and there is poor Ra trying to figure out what to do, not even realized that he has fallen right into Isis's trap. PM me... mwahahaha. This is hilarious and desperate all at the same time! Brilliant!

    1. That's fine with me! Glad it turned out okay; I had my reservations about using this style, especially this early on. Poor Ra indeed! You know you're desperate when you turn to the Yahoo community for answers! ;)

  2. Even though you used simitator, I am just imagining you ferociously switching between yahoo and Facebook accounts to answer questions. This was a really cool and interesting way to tell the story and if possible I would like to see more stories like this. I agree with Dr. Gibbs in that it really brings out a unique aspect that is not found in traditional stories and it is also very similar to how interactions are held today.