Monday, September 12, 2016

Reading Notes: Egyptian Myth and Legend Part A

The first half of my reading was from Egyptian Myth and Legend from Donald Mackenzie, 1907.

Worshipping Osiris, Isis, and Horus. Unknown Author from the Wikimedia Commons

The Death of Osiris and The Journey of Isis

In The Death of Osiris, Osiris - the king of Egypt - is murdered by his brother Set.  For this story,  I think I'd like to rework it into a murder being solved by a detective or forensic anthropologist.  In The Journey of Isis, Set cuts Osiris' body into many pieces, one of which is swallowed by a fish.  I think it would be really interesting to have the detective look at the injuries, determine the cause and the murder weapon, and also hunt to uncover the lost body part that the fish swallowed.

Another idea for these stories would be to turn some of the events into a game show.  In The Death of Osiris, Set brings a special coffin to a party, and challenges people to get inside and see if they are a perfect fit - that could be one of the games.  Another contest could be recovering the pieces of Osiris' body after Set chops him into 14 pieces.  This could be written like a scavenger hunt, and clues and/or riddles could be given along the way to help locate the pieces.  Each body part could be hidden in a famous Egyptian landmark or place of significance.

The Secret Name of Ra

This story of trickery by Isis could be told in the form of fake Facebook status updates.  There are two main characters in this story, but a few others make appearances, which would be good for a Facebook style format in my opinion.  Isis' posts would be more cryptic, and Ra's posts would eventually turn into asking his facebook friends for help.  I would probably use a decent amount of hashtagging and slang in this type of post.

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