Sunday, September 4, 2016

Growth Mindset: Learning From Others

I decided to explore what other students are writing about the Growth Mindset, and here are some of my favorites:

"Never Give Up", video posted by Heather

I thought this video Heather posted was really cute, but also really inspiring.  I think everyone has felt like giving up at one point or another, I know I have; whether it's because you're scared to fail or you're struggling or some other reason, I think giving up is the only way you can really fail.  School can be hard, especially when you're forced to learn about new and challenging concepts, but like they say in the video, you can get smarter with practice.  This is true for me and Organic Chemistry, a notoriously hard class.  At first it was overwhelming and frustrating, but the more I practiced the problems, the better I got at it!  I eventually made an A in my OChem 1 class, and hope to make an A in OChem 2 this semester!

Amanda's post about Growth Mindset

I related to the image on this post, but also the content that Amanda provides. I also tell myself that I'm not a "math person", and would get frustrated when having to work out long math (& physics) problems, but really they are something to appreciate.  Math is an incredible subject, but a subject that doesn't necessarily come naturally.  Like the aforementioned video, practice makes perfect, and I think this especially applies to mathematics.

Rand's Post, Specifically the Image

I loved the image that Rand posted in his post about the Growth Mindset.

Improving Your Thinking Habits - Image from Rand's Post
I think learning to think more positively can have a huge effect on one's self esteem and productivity.  It is important to try to see things from a positive point of view, instead of a harshly critical one.  I saved this image to my computer, for those days when I may need a reminder!

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