Monday, September 12, 2016

Reading Notes: Egyptian Myth and Legend Part B

The Two Brothers, Parts 1-4 from Egyptian Myth and Legend, Donald Mackenzie, 1907.

This story is broken into 4 parts, and try as I might, I couldn't pick just one to write about.  The problem with that is so much happens in this story, that writing about the entire thing would probably be pretty difficult without resulting to summarizing.  If I end up writing about this story, I think I would choose to summarize it in Haikus, my favorite type of poetry.  Haikus are a great way to express emotional events in a concise manner, and I feel like that would be appropriate for this story.  I think it would be appropriate to write a haiku or two for each main character for each part of the story.  It would add another dramatic element to an already dramatic story, but also give the reader an idea of what main events took place in the story.

Tomb of Nefermaat I and his wife Itet depicting oxen helping plow a field and what could possibly be two brothers?! Courtesy of Wikipedia

The Tale of King Rhampsinitus

This story was very interesting, especially the ending.  Quite a few ridiculous things happen to the main character, so I think an appropriate way to reflect on them would be in diary entries.  We are given a glimpse of how the main character feels about performing some of these outlandish deeds, but I think it would be fun to explore his deeper emotions and inner thoughts about the situations he kept finding himself in.

Another option for this story would be to write it from the perspective of the mother of the two sons. She didn't play a huge role in this story, but the small part she did have stuck out to me quite a bit.  I would probably write this in first person as the mother.  I'm sure she would have a lot to say about her children's crazy antics, but an opportunity to write about her raw emotions after she lost one of her sons would be an interesting approach too.

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