Monday, September 26, 2016

Reading Notes: Stories from Congo Part A

I chose to read Stories from Congo, taken from Notes of the Folklore of the Fjort by Richard Edward Dennett, 1898. I thought it was awesome that the author was a part of the Congo Reform Association and protested the British colonial treatment of the Congolese.

These stories actually reminded me a lot of the reading I did last week.  Many of the stories are centered on wives, death, and resurrection of the dead.

How the Wives Restored Their Husband to Life
This story in particular reminded me of my reading from last week (Twenty Two Goblins).  Three wives bring their dead husband back to life, and they argue about who deserves him according to what they contributed to his eventual resurrection. At the end of the story, they all cook the husband a pot of food, and whichever he likes the most would be considered the most deserving.  That immediately gave me an idea to write a story about a reality cooking show, where the stakes are the same - whoever makes the best food gets the man.  It could even be similar to the Bachelor, in a way.  Although I like this idea for a story, no immoralities are really sticking out to me in this story, so I would probably have to incorporate a couple into my reworked story, if I want to include it in my portfolio.

Another Vanishing Wife
This story is absolutely full of immoralities that would fit wonderfully into my portfolio.  Unfortunately, I'm not getting much inspiration for a story at this point.  I may revisit this story later, and see if I can come up with some ideas.

The Jealous Wife
Well would ya look at that - an immorality right in the title of this story!  Jealousy isn't the only immorality I could write about in this story; murder, anger, and hatred are all present in this story as well.  I actually have ideas for a story here too.  It's a pretty twisted story, where one of two wives wants to kill the other wive's child, but ends up accidentally killing her own.  I'd write my story in the style of either a trial in court, or perhaps a television show called something like "Women Who Kill",  Both would be a sort of investigative approach to this story.

The use of a casca, which is seen in the story "The Jealous Wife". Source

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